Minnesota Family Photographer | Beyond Fall Family Photos

Don't worry, fall isn't the only time to get family photos done.  

I get it. Fall is beautiful. Fall is jeans and sweaters and cute scarves. And yes, I know, pumpkin everything. But I have tons of ideas for your family outside of that! What I love about family photojournalism is that we can do anything! 

So let's get creative together, because life in Minnesota is beautiful outside of Fall! I'm thinking Christmas tree cutting. Tree farms are some of the prettiest places for a photo session. Or how about a family snowball fight or building a snow fort or sledding this winter? Ice fishing anyone?

Hate cold weather? That's fine too! There's still movie night and bedtime stories and blanket forts. Christmas cookie baking. Pillow fights. Cooking a family dinner. The possibilities are endless.  


I truly want to document your family and your beautiful life. I want to capture the souls of your family, and we can do that anytime of the year. So let's think beyond the poses and get creative together.  

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