Minneapolis, Minnesota Family Photographer | Stephen's Fatherhood Session

Stephen and his little girl were just the sweetest together. You can tell the minute you see them together that there is so much love and kindness there. She was definitely VERY intrigued my the camera. I was much less interesting when I didn't have it in front of my face. But she just love to stare into it. I wonder what was going through that little mind of hers.

I am really enjoying all of my family sessions this year. With so many of my grandparents gone, the item I value the most is printed pictures. It's so important to document your family. Whether you choose a photographer who does very traditional posed work, or someone like me who does more natural posing and lifestyle work, it's just so important to put down the cell phone and document your chaos and your love for one another. And then print them! Don't just let your photos die on Facebook.