Preparing For Your Upcoming Holiday Mini Session

with Kelly Morin Photography


Preparing for your holiday Mini session

(Part I)

After you have booked your mini session with me, I’ll send you the styling guide so that you can get started on putting together your families outfits, and we’ll stay in touch the days leading up to your session!

Kids should be well rested and fed before your session time. Tired and hungry kids are cranky, and nobody wants that during photo time, right? Things happen, naps get cut short (and it’s always when you don’t want them too) so don’t fret if things don’t go as planned.


Preparing for your holiday Mini session

(Part II)

PARENTS, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your iPhone put away, unless you want to pretend it’s another member of the family. You may think waving the cell phone in front of little Johnny while he watches Elmo on YouTube is the sure fire way to get him to laugh, but most likely he will want to hold it himself (little Johnny is an independent boy, after all!) and will then enter the ‘zone out’ stage where he refuses to let that magical little device leave his death grip.

Holiday Mini sessions are for immediate family only. If you would like to invite Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, please let me know and we can book an extended family session.

Please keep all snacks and bribes put away and only take them out in the event of a true emergency. As in, nothing else is working and your kid is for real not having it. I am not above bribing, but again, unless you want the Teddy Grahams a part of your photos, try and keep them put away.


Preparing for your Holiday Mini session

(Part III)

In the event you have a child who ‘seriously ain’t having it’, take a deep breath. We can take a break for a couple minutes, and try and figure out what the problem is. Some kids are fussier and want nothing to do with photos, and this is how they’ll be no matter what day we do photos. Others, if there is an issue, we can try and figure out what it is. Please refrain from scolding, yelling or disciplining your child during the session. Now, if it’s necessary, by all means. But kids often have split moments of peaceful or happy expressions, so you want to always look camera ready. Kids need reminded and can get a little wild in front of someone new. But, we want to try and not ‘sweat the small stuff’ during photos and get through this together and avoid any epic meltdowns.

Botton line is we want to focus on fun, snuggles, play, and your love for one another. And please know that I have three VERY wild children of my own, so I’ve pretty much seen it all and I do have tricks up my sleeve.


What to Expect once you arrive

Once you arrive at the studio, I will have a hostess stationed in the area right outside the studio. We will have refreshments and light (non-messy) snacks available. Feel free to arrive early if anyone in your family needs some time adjust. My studio manager, Sara, will be watching times and can let you know when it’s time to head in.

I try to start all sessions with some natural poses and then add in more candid storytelling images. I will want you to focus on one another, not the camera; but I’ll tell you all when it’s time to look at me. I know those photos are important too.


Family F.A.Q.S.

What should we wear?

Please refer to my What to Wear styling prep guide to learn more about how to dress your entire family for a session! I have created an extensive guide with shop suggestions and more!

Can our dog come?

Pets are MORE than welcome to join in! Please keep in mind that all pets MUST but on a leash and that there might be other pets at the studio. So only animals who are friendly towards others should come. If your pet doesn’t do well in new environments or around other pets and strangers, it might be best to book a non-mini session where you’d have more location and environment flexibility.


Family Session Success Checklist

  • Make sure kids have napped and have eaten before photo time! treats/snacks should be offered after photos!

  • Put the iphone/ipad away, and don’t bring it out during photos unless you want ittobeapartoftheshot!

  • Please make sure that you have discussed my style of photography with your spouse and/or they have read my prep!

  • R-E-L-A-X! Seriously, if you get wound up, the kids get wound up. Try and take a deep breath and go with the flow! Oh, and have fun!