My Philosophy

What I love about photography can be summed up in one word - storytelling. I find so much beauty in the in between moments. Some of my favorite photographs are the ones I take just before someone is ready for their picture, or just after they think I'm finished. I want you to look back and see that I more than a pose; I want to take pictures that capture your beautiful souls and the beautiful world you live in. To do that, I work to create an environment where my clients feel comfortable enough to relax with me and focus on something other than my camera. 

I also love film. Film is beautiful and it's classic. I'm a long-time film photographer who has found a HUGE love for digital photography so my editing emulates film to a large degree. I want you to love your pictures when you get them and I want you to love them 50 years from now. Film and film emulation is timeless and will always be classically beautiful.